House of Eliora – Bespoke Beauty, Luxury, and Extravagance.

On your wedding day, you want to look your best. That is a given, and at House of Eliora, it is also a guarantee. A bespoke fashion brand, House of Eliora is here to ensure that you get exactly the dress that you want. The company offers bridal wear in addition to evening wear, perfect for every other formal occasion that is near to your heart. The four values at House of Eliora are quality, craftsmanship, design, and fit, and you can count on each of these values to shine through in your garments, which House of Eliora's designer Eliora Olajokun guarantees herself.

Luxurious, unique, and always fashionable, Eliora Olajokun is an experienced and gifted designer who pays close attention to details. She got her start as a designer when she was only 12, crafting dresses for her friends, her family, and herself, and little by little, she honed her skills to a fine point and perfected her art.

Today, House of Eliora's following is strong, and the company continues to expand year after year, offering made-to-order dresses that replicate the bespoke fit for which it has become known. These are tailored garments that will accentuate your best features rather than obscuring any perceived imperfections. You will look your best – and what is more, you will feel your best – every time you step into a piece by House of Eliora.